Author Topic: Bob apparently Attacked while Riding near Greenville, TN  (Read 1234 times)

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Bob apparently Attacked while Riding near Greenville, TN
« on: February 24, 2014, 07:23:33 pm »
Bob apparently was attacked while riding. A white pickup nearly ran him off the road and a rock or something was thrown at him. This was outside of Greenville after we left Tipton's at lunch and Bob went his separate way home.
I called Bob tonight to ask him what happened? As I understand it::
Bob said he was going west from Greenville on the same road we came into town on (Blue Spring Rd). I am not sure how far out of town he was. I think he had passed Hwy 11E junction where I had told him, he could pick up 11E and make a B-Line for I-81 as he was in a hurry to get home and was tired. Blue Springs is a 2 lane alternate (decent ride) that runs parallel to Hwy 11E's 4 lane and eventually joins to Hwy 11E,
There was a slight curve and a white pickup was coming toward Bob and had crossed the center line a good bit. Bob thinking the folks were just not paying attention or whatever moved over near the shoulder. When they passed, Bob saw an arm come out of the rear (Crew Cab I assume) and threw something at him. It hit the windshield and broke the windshield up in pieces. Fortunately, no damage to Bob, However, it sounds to me like it could have been very serious.   
All I can say is: Be Alert, not that there is much we can do to protect ourselves from such as we have little or no protection on a MC. Other than that, Bob did not and it would not have solved anything, but I think he should have called 911 to report the situation. Maybe, there had ben other reports and someday the rascals will be caught. 
This kind of crap has always worried me since the early 60s in CA. I was on the way home from work (BSA 350 Street Bike) on a limited access 4 lane divided hwy (much like an interstate) with not much traffic in Orange county. A carload of (I think it was teenagers) came beside me going my direction. They started easing over into my lane (obviously intentionally). It did not get serious, but was concerning. Afterwards, I think of how vulnerable we are.


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Re: Bob apparently Attacked while Riding near Greenville, TN
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2017, 12:09:45 am »
That's horrible to hear, got to be careful out there.