Author Topic: MC Oil Filters (saw in magazine regarding Harley's - other brand fitted also)  (Read 1284 times)

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Saw an article in a MC Magazine (talking mostly about Harleys) about an Oil Filter from K&P Engineering called a Stainless Steel Micronic Filter.

Let you look up details on their web site if you are interested.

Might not be interested for the price ($149 Machine Finish & $223 for Polished Diamond Cut).

They say not so pricey when you consider you may never have to buy another filter (clean element with any degreaser or soap and water).

Plus, I say, maybe not so pricey when one considers all the other pricey stuff Harley folks add to their machines. (to make 'em run or look pretty) :-) 

They say It offers up to 7 times oil flow of paper filters (up to may mean 1 time more - HA!, just joking). It uses a medical grade 304 stainless micronic filter cloth to protect against engine damage and the finned filter case acts as a oil cooler.

PS: Thought I would send info -- I am personally not interested.