Author Topic: Mar 28 & 29 (SAT & SUN) - Ride Thoughts  (Read 1365 times)

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Mar 28 & 29 (SAT & SUN) - Ride Thoughts
« on: March 27, 2015, 08:57:58 am »
SAT -- Had a brief discussion with Jackie about SAT ride to Maynardville and drop into Union County Museum. I NOW THINK another day would be better, but it is a MAYBE.

Jackie's foot is better and he is riding some short errands, etc. It still bothers him to shift gears - plus weather is cool (some would say cold with 31F at 10AM and 44F at 4PM, I say cold was in the past HA!).

SUN -- It is for sure SUN AM Ride (as usual while Betty Churches it). 34F at 10AM and 55F at 4PM is plenty warm :-). So, probably wait until near 10AM to start, local area and be back in area of XIT 407 by around 1 or 2PM.

I understand there is a Bike Show or something going on at Mtn Mtr Sport (Hotdogs or Whatever). So, may stop there before coming home (be fun if any DEMOs - don't know about that).

I would continue the ride, but Betty has other plans Sunday afternoon. GROAN

Any INTEREST, Let Me Know and see if we can work a plan.